Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sweet faces

Just look at these sweet faces!! These pics were taken Saturday when the girls and I had some quality time at home while D was working. The top 2 are Sofia......always the drama queen! When she was sleeping she started poking her bottom lip out like she was pouting. She must have been dreaming about not getting her way!! In the second picture, this is how I found her after I came back in from taking Olivia to the car.........we are SO in trouble!!!

It's amazing....I continue to be in awe of the fact that we have 2 sweet baby girls. I don't think I can quite put it into words the feelings I have when I see them. It's so easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day activities of working, feeding, changing but still almost every day there's a time when I sit back and look at those sweet faces and my heart is so full that I can hardly stand it. And to make them even more irresistible, they're really starting to interact with us. They smile all the time........they're really starting to "talk" -- such happy babies! D and I were feeding them yesterday and both of them sat in their highchairs and every time we put the spoon to their mouths, they would get these huge grins.

D loves the fact that they have started following us around the room -- we can walk from one side to the other and they turn their heads and watch us.

I love how they smile when I put them to bed and then again in the morning when they wake up. Bed time routine is a favorite of mine.....while I'm changing them into their pajamas, we "talk"....they smile..... I smile. Even laying in their cribs as I'm leaving the room they're "talking" and smiling. In the mornings I love their stretches as they're waking up and when they finally open their eyes, the smiles aren't too far behind.

Two baby girls. Wow.

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