Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rice cereal was a success!

Much to my surprise, both girls seemed to take well to the rice cereal. The pediatrician suggested we give them cereal when they're not extremely hungry so they'll be more patient.........but when it's time to eat, they're always impatient. We have a video of them eating for the first time and hopefully this weekend I'll learn how to use the software to edit and will post a short clip. It was funny - we couldn't feed them fast enough (well - first it was me feeding them both so D could record) so between bites of cereal they would go back to crying. When the spoon would touch their mouth they would get quiet. Too funny. I don't think D was prepared for how messy it was going to be - haha. He wasn't sure if he was ready to go solo with spoon feeding 2 infants and I can't say I blame him!!

Not too much else to report. The girls were good for D yesterday for the most part - they both were a little fussy but they did have 3 shots. There was a rather large spit-up incident and D marveled at how Sofia was able to get everything on him and nothing on herself. He's proud of her talent in that area but wished she wouldn't showcase that talent so often - haha.

And so life continues. It was an odd feeling going back to work -- it's like the whole "having a baby" chapter is now closed as we get into what is our new "normal". Not that there won't be another "having a baby" chapter somewhere in the future but who knows. Funny to me how many people have asked me if we're going to have more kids -- like the ones we just had aren't new anymore so it's time to think of the next ones. Just like on your wedding day- never mind the wedding just happened an hour ago - it's over, you're married. When are you going to have a baby??

Until next time!

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