Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Food! ( food)

As if leaving the girls to head back to work wasn't going to be hard enough, I decide to return on the day of their 4-month check-up (read SHOTS). Ugh! Although...I think saying goodbye to D and the girls in the parking lot contributed to my not crying. Okay.....I cried a little bit in the privacy of my car. I'm surprisingly okay, though. It's great to see everyone and I'm starting to clear out the cobwebs........I have alot of catching up to do in the accounting world. I miss the girls like crazy and we're still trying to win the lottery - haha - but I'm okay being back.

The girls are FANTASTIC. I think the pediatrician actually used that word. Olivia weighed in at 9lb 11oz (HOLY COW!!!) - we were totally surprised at that weight!! I knew she was in the 9lb range but didn't think she was nearing the top. The gap between Olivia and Sofia has grown just a little - Sofia weighed 8lb 15oz. We were interested to see Sofia's weight gain because we've felt like she's had a few too many days of not eating well....but apparently that's not an issue.

Then came the surprising part. The pediatrician said "Okay -- it's time to start feeding them. Start with rice cereal and then after a good couple of weeks with that you can start introducing fruits and vegetables." Really??!!?? But they can't sit up!! Apparently sitting up is not required for eating rice cereal. We'll see how that goes. I have a feeling it's going to be a little early for the rice cereal but we'll give it a try. D's getting the video camera ready ( we ran out and bought a video camera around July 4th and we're just now getting around to learning how to use it) so we can capture the first spoon feedings. I have a feeling I'll be wearing more than they'll be eating - hahaha!

That's about all for now. Here's a picture of the girls -- it's a little blurry but it was too cute to delete. We have a round cushion on the floor and put a couple of pillows under a blanket just for another place where they can sit up. I put them here the other morning and they were still sleepy. Both girls kept rolling to the side and I finally stopped moving them back. They started with space between them and ended up like this: (Olivia on the left; Sofia on the right)

PS - Olivia may look a little more like me (or less like D - ha) but she loves to sleep just like her Daddy does!!

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