Friday, September 26, 2008

To match....or not to match.

All is well with our sweet baby girls. After about a week of waking up in the middle of the night, they finally slept all night last night - woo hoo!

Yesterday I got home and my little ones were chillin' with their Daddy and they were dressed like this..........

Now......I'm not insistent that the girls be "matchy-matchy" but I do like it when they - you know - match. As in their pants match their shirts. I asked D what was wrong with the cute little pants that came with the onesies.....or the cute little onesies that came with those pants. He said "What do you mean -this matches." Discussion follows. We agree to disagree. The old, pre-babies me would have marched upstairs and laid out their outfits for the rest of the week and next (not to mention changed them right away).....but the new (and I think improved) me just laughed and thought what fun it'll be to see what they're wearing every day when I get home!!!

Rice cereal is still a hit with both girls. Yesterday was the second time they've eaten it and they would actually hold their mouths open when it was time for another bite!! D's a natural (although he still doesn't think he's ready to do rice cereal alone) and he kept "his baby" much cleaner than "my baby" was. (his words, not mine!) Here are a couple of pics - Sofia first, then Olivia.

And's a picture of the girls relaxing on the couch with Barley. We tried for 30 minutes to keep him from getting on the couch but he was persistent and he ultimately won. He really just wanted to sleep -- why should the girls have all the fun??!!

Until next time!

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