Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Repeat performance and other

Keep your fingers crossed, my friends, that we're on to something with the sleeping. Last night they slept from ~9:30 until 4am. I'll take it!

In other milestone news, they're starting to hold on to things. They don't reach for toys yet, but my hair is a particular favorite. Apparently an infant reflex is that whenever there's pressure in their palm it causes babies to open their hands. Losing this reflex means that when you put something in their hand, they can now grasp on to it. And wow what a grasp! When I've been holding them and then I lay them down, they have a tight grip on my hair or my shirt - so tight that I have to use both my hands to get them to let go!! Strong girls, but we knew that!!

Speaking of sleeping....here are my sweet sleeping girls. Olivia-L and Sofia-R.
Until next time!

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Megan W said...

WOOHOO! Sleep is a wonderful thing, isn't it? Congrats!!!