Monday, August 18, 2008

Diaper progression

Okay...I know you could care less about what size diaper the girls are wearing, but you may find these pictures interesting. It'll forever be one of many reminders of where the girls started and how far they've already come. D never wanted me to post pictures of the girls where you could see just how small they were when they were first born, and honestly we never took many pictures with objects where you could get a good perspective. We had so many people tell us the girls looked "huge" or like "normal" babies when they would see NICU pics. Normal, always, huge - not so much!! Seeing them now it's sometimes hard to remember just how tiny they were but check out these pictures:

Starting left to right: (1)A standard size business card; (2)the diapers the girls wore probably for the first 2 weeks after they were born; (3)a newborn diaper (they've been wearing for the last couple of weeks or so); (4)"Size 1" diaper - where they're heading next.

Business card on top of the preemie (extra preemie)'s that for perspective?!?!? Even more unbelievable to me is thinking about the other babies we saw in the NICU who were even smaller than our

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