Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cardiologist update

We took Olivia for a follow-up visit with the cardiologist today to check the status of her PDA. There was some initial confusion - we had been waiting 45 minutes to see the doctor and when he walked in, he said "I apologize but it looks as though we've brought you in for no reason. The echo Olivia had before leaving the NICU was normal." I reminded him of the twins (Sofia was home with grandma) and he left the room to re-check. Turns out they had Sofia's results for Olivia. At that point - after the wait we had - it didn't matter which results they had -- they were going to listen to a heart - hahaha.

The doctor couldn't hear a murmur which means, at the very least, the PDA hasn't gotten larger or it could be closed. If it's still there it hasn't affected Olivia's health so he wants her to grow a little more before doing another echo. We'll take her back in November for the echo. We shall see.

A funny aside to our trip........we don't take the girls out much - definitely not enough to be a pro at the leaving routine, which includes packing the diaper bag. I was so proud of myself....last night I had the car seat ready and the diaper bag sitting next to it....Olivia's clothes were laid out, bottles were made or packed to make at the doctor's office. I was being proactive. We came back to the room after taking Olivia to be weighed (without her diaper) and I reached into the bag to grab a diaper and.......you guessed it.......no diapers. Funny...the diaper bag did not contain any diapers. Nice. We had to ask for a diaper (twice). I had also forgotten a blanket for her.....which was fine until we were waiting for 45 minutes to see the doctor with Olivia in her (borrowed) diaper and socks. Poor kid! Luckily they had some hospital blankets so between that and laying on me, she was fine. I know next time we'll forget something else, but I promise you it won't be the diapers!!!

Until next time!

PS - The girls slep in their own beds last night and they skipped the 3 am feeding. Of course - since they were in their own beds for the first time, I didn't really get to take advantage of the skipped 3am feeding, but hey -- another small victory!!

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