Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bath time and other pics

Bath time is exhausting....I'm still trying to figure out the best way to bathe them and those little ones get so slippery. The girls haven't decided whether they love it or hate it, but I know that's coming. The other night we gave them a bath before a feeding and Sofia wasn't having it until we gave her a paci. She kept the paci in her mouth from beginning to end, including undressing and re-dressing. Here are a few pics from bath time and others in these past few days:

Sofia - bath and paci

Sofia - after bath, not letting go of the paci

Olivia - bath and paci although she spit it out just after this picture

Barley laying at Olivia's feet. It's so funny to watch him creep up on the couch when the girls are laying there - he gets up one paw at a time and then will lay down somewhere near the girls. He's quite protective of them.

Me and the girls.....I'm looking a little rough but it had been a rough the 3 of us were finally all sleeping at the same time!

Until next time!

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