Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Poor D

Poor, poor D. From the time we found out we were pregnant, D has always sworn that we don't "make" kids who cry or spit up. He mentioned this point every chance he got and from the first time she heard these declarations, my sister has been waiting to see him with the girls. So far he's been lucky - it's been me who has been the recipient of all the spitting..............until today.

I came home from the gym and I should have known something happened when I saw Sofia's clothing she had been wearing when I left tossed in the laundry room. I enter the living room to find D feeding Olivia while Sofia slept next to him on the couch. She's in her diaper and the television is off. Uh oh......the tv's off......must have been big. D has this wary look on his face and on the floor in front of the changing table that's in our living room there are towels, rags, wipes....everything. Apparently Sofia had been making the most noise (I think we can now say they cry) so he fed her first and then changed her. While on the changing table, Sofia proceeds to give my sister a story that will surely get a huge laugh and one big "I TOLD YOU SO!" when she spit up all over herself.....the changing table (the top and down the side).....and of course D.

Poor poor Daddy........of course.....how could he be upset at his girls (today's culprit is looking at you!):

Until next time!

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