Friday, August 1, 2008

Mommy mindset

I realized today that I'm still not completely in the "mommy mindset". I know - how can I not be when I'm setting my alarm clock for 2:45am to get up and feed babies, right?! It definitely comes and goes.....I'm totally in the mommy mindset when it's 2pm and I've not yet been able to take a shower.....but I'm surprised at the times when I seem to completely forget.

D's car was having maintenance today so I (we....see what I mean) took him to work this morning. I needed stamps and we didn't get an early enough start (see below) to go by the post office and I'm telling him that it's okay because I'll just run in after I drop him off. Shortly after those words come out of my mouth I realize THAT won't happen. But I really want those stamps. It is imperative that I have those stamps right now. Ha - that's a little bit of the old, un-mellow Andrea coming through. It took some creativity, but I did get those stamps!

I definitely don't have the "mommy sense of time"'s now a process for us to get out of the house........change diapers, get diaper bag, everyone situated in car seats...don't forget the socks....have I let the dog out? we need blankets? oh this blanket is too heavy - upstairs to get another we need bottles? get ice packs to keep bottles know what - we'll just feed them when we get home......where's my purse? (check to make sure I'm not taking the remote control for the tv out of the house).....honey - do you have the keys?.....and forget finding the cell phone. Whew! Makes me tired just thinking about it and I'm STILL running 5 minutes late. I have a feeling we'll get better at it when we're able to take the girls out on a regular basis but right now it's quite the comedy routine!!

Until next time!

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