Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 5th

We've had a busy past couple of days and all is well. Olivia had another echo on Thursday and on Friday we learned there hasn't been much change in her PDA (murmur) although they did call it "small" versus moderate. I'm not sure when it went from moderate to small, and we'll certainly get clarification from the attending neonatologist, but we'll take "small". I think they'll do another echo on both Olivia and Sofia before we bring them home and that will determine if we will continue follow-ups with a cardiologist.

Feedings are going great and they're increasing the number of bottles each of the girls gets in a 24 hour period. Sofia is on her second day of 3 bottles so if she does well today, they'll increase her to 4 tomorrow. Olivia was just moved to 5 bottles today (there are 8 bottles in a 24-hour period) so hopefully she'll continue to do well. Both girls are over 4lbs now and gaining!

D and I went with my parents and my grandparents and sister, etc. to watch fireworks in downtown Easley last night. It was very nice - my grandparents have friends who live downtown a very short distance from where the fireworks were going off - and with a perfect view - and the best part......their porch was glassed in!! We sat in comfy chairs in front of a fan and watched the show. On the way home, D and I were talking about how, this time next year, we'll be watching fireworks with our girls (and hoping they're not scared of the noise!) and that made me think about what a difference a year makes. A year ago D and I were on a cruise during the week of July 4th - a relaxation vacation where we both were recovering. I was recovering physically from surgery as a result of an ectopic pregnancy and D and I were both recovering mentally and emotionally from losing a baby we had been hoping and praying for for more than a year. Definitely a darker time for us but that cruise was just what we needed - to get away from the normal routine of life to heal our hearts. Although I've always had a positive attitude when it came to starting our family, I don't think I ever could have imagined where we are today, one year later, waiting to bring our 2 beautiful and HEALTHY girls home.

What a difference a year makes.

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