Sunday, July 6, 2008

Guess what's missing........

Feeding tube, baby!!!!!!!!!!!! D and I were holding the girls this morning and it hit us......Olivia's feeding tube is gone. Holy cow!! We were expecting an additional bottle today but not attempting all feeds from a bottle (PO feeds - I'll have to find out what PO means). She had pulled her feeding tube out during the night and since they were moving her to all PO they left it out. So far so good........we were there for 4 feeds today and she did well. Our l'il diva is also moving down on temperature in her isolette - she was 28.8C this evening. As a reminder, gaining weight (check); all PO feeds (check so far); reach 28C for 24 hours then open crib for 2 days while maintaining body temp (heading in the right direction) = HOME. I won't speculate because I don't want to jinx us but we're definitely taking huge steps in the right direction!!!!

Sofia had also pulled her feeding tube out and they left it out since her next feeding was PO, but hers went back in this afternoon. However, at noon when she was supposed to be fed from her feeding tube, she was wide awake, kicking and fussing. D asked our nurse if we could try a bottle just to see what Sofia would do and the nurse let us try - such a shame to waste all that energy................she finished hers faster than Olivia. Here are both girls - Sofia on the left, Olivia on the right. We were trying to take advantage of the missing feeding tubes to get pictures for birth announcements but we were too close to lunch and the girls were not so cooperative.

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