Wednesday, July 9, 2008

If all goes well.........

.......we'll be HOME by the weekend!! My apologies for not posting sooner, but it's been quite a whirlwind these past few days. The girls have been progressing nicely and our doctors and nurses have been "pushing them towards the door" (their words, not ours!) and it's all happened rather quickly. We are so excited. Everyone keeps asking us if we're ready. My response is "We don't have a clue what we're in for, but we're definitely ready to find out!!"

Since my last post, Sofia has been moved to all PO feeds and has done well. Her feeding tube is gone. Yesterday (Tuesday), we moved them from their isolettes to an open crib. Well...."crib"'s a large plastic bin with a pad in the bottom - haha! We were also moved to one of the FLC rooms (Family Learning Center) -- these are still in the NICU on the same hall where we have been but we can now room-in with the girls until we take them home. We get to "practice" while the nurses are a few steps away. Literally. I'm sitting at the table in our room with our door open and I'm looking right at the nurses station. I'm also contemplating which corner of our living room would best fit a nurses station...........they send the nurses home with us, right?????

We have a busy day today - Sofia has a follow-up echocardiogram and both girls will have cranial ultrasounds, hearing tests and car seat tests. All of these are standarad procedure and were expected. Other than tiring them out, none of the tests should result in mom crying.

So!! Today they're making nutritional changes to their feeds so they'll be here for at least 48 hours which, by my rough calculation (which has been repeated over and over again!), that means us going home no earlier than Friday afternoon and *crossing my fingers* no later than Saturday. We're awaiting the official determination although I have a feeling they're not going to tell day they'll just say "Okay - go home" - haha.

All is well with the Demetrios.....we didn't quite make it to all the rooms in our house during our "nesting" process but we'll put them on our list......I have a feeling we're starting what will become an eternal list of "to do's" on which we'll be working for the next 18 years........or until the girls are old enough to help - haha!

Here are a few recent pictures of the girls. The first 4 are Olivia and the last 4 are Sofia.

More soon!!! Hope everyone is doing well!

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