Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend update

The girls have had a good weekend......

Sofia: Her IV fluids have stopped and they removed the PICC line from her head. Tonight they measured her length in addition to her weight. She's measuring 14.76" (at birth she was 14") and she weighed 2lb 10.4oz. She's lost a little weight - they've told us that is common when they stop the IV fluids because the fluids are calories. Now they are supplementing her milk with a fortifier that will help her start to gain weight a little quicker - ounces, precious ounces! She continues to have apnea / bradycardia episodes but she's gotten good at bringing herself back up on her own and not requiring stimulation, although sometimes they just get so warm and comfortable they forget to breathe.

Olivia: Just like her sister, her IV has also been removed and they are supplementing her milk with the fortifier to help her gain weight. Her length is a little over 15", but I'm not sure it's quite accurate since she was 15 1/4 " when she was born. She was quite wiggly tonight. She weighs 2lb 12.3oz, also a loss due to stopping the fluids. Olivia also continues to have apnea / bradycardia episodes and isn't quite as good as bringing herself back up as Sofia but she's getting better.

Both girls are near their maximum on the continuous feedings. The next step is bolus feeding where they'll get a certain amount over a period of time and then will have time between feedings where they're not eating. This process is setting them up to begin bottle feeding. Our understanding is that when they reach what would be 32 weeks gestation (which is this coming Saturday), they start with 1 bottle per day. At 32 weeks they're also going to start letting them work to regulate their body temperature. Right now they have the sensor which reads their body temperature and their isolettes adjust the temperature inside to keep them at a certain temperature. At 32 weeks, we can start dressing them in clothes and they'll put them in an open isolette so they can regulate their own temperature. Both girls also have their heart murmurs, but they won't do another echo for a while.

That's about all for now. The doctors (and we) continue to be pleased with their progress. I look around at some of the other babies who aren't doing as well and my heart goes out to the parents. Our girls came earlier than we hoped or expected and we are so blessed to have them progressing as they are. Until next time.........

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