Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nothing to report......

Once again, no news to report is great news. I've finished the round of indocin so I'm a little nervous in anticipating what's going to come next, but hopefully the effects of the indocin will last a few more days. Today has been a calm day - just chillin' in my loft in the hospital. One of my doctors from the OB group was in this morning and he looked around and said "You have way more stuff in here than you had last week!" -haha. There was a baby shower at my house last weekend and afterwards, they brought some of it to me so we have pink everywhere!!

They (doctors and nurses) keep telling me the mag wash is coming - it's just a matter of time. They also keep telling me how horrible it is so I'm hoping the expectations I'm building up by far exceed the actual effects of the medicine so it won't be too bad. I can't stand being sick to my stomach - blegh!

In other news (albeit baby news, just not our baby news!), one of my "forever friends" had her baby boy yesterday and he is gorgeous!! She and I have gone through the pregnancy thing together, even the months of waiting before either of us were pregnant and D and I couldn't be happier for her family!

That's about all I have from here. Adam is home for good now and he came by and ate lunch with me today -- was great to see him!

Until next time!

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