Monday, May 12, 2008

Much better

I had super nurse today. I had just gotten out of the shower (remember.....I'm frustrated) and was sitting on the bed getting ready to relocate the site for my pump to the other leg. She came in and took a seat and said "Okay girlfriend....let's talk." She proceeds to tell me she doesn't like how I'm sitting and from now on I need to lay down with weight on either hip. Done and done. So we talk about the evening I had and my frustrations and she tells me my job today is to relax and her job is to work with my doctors and worry for me. I liked her instantly. She's older.....I would guess early 50's and she was ready to take over. Turns out I did have about 16 contractions in an hour last night in addition to irritability between contractions. She put me on the monitor this morning and I was still having a concerning amount of contractions. I think she was expecting I was going to have to go on the magnesium because she made me put on a hospital gown in the event she had to start an IV.

She was on the phone this morning a few times with Dr.G and he said he wanted to try indocin again before we went to the magnesium. If you'll recall my post from Wednesday.....last time I had indocin it wasn't that great, but I've had 2 separate doses before and I was fine. Apparently he was skeptical about the indocin working, but he wanted to give it a shot. Work it did. Thank goodness. It kicked in pretty quickly and by lunch I was able to come off the monitor.

I saw one of the doctors from my OB group and he commented that I was going to make them work hard to get the girls to stay put for a while, but for today things are under control. We're just taking it one day at a time and every day they stay put is another good day! A good side effect.........the combination of meds makes me sleepy - woo hoo!!

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