Thursday, May 8, 2008

Just a little too much medicine

I had an interesting experience last night. I'll start off by saying I'm okay, as are the babies. In my last post I mentioned they changed my terbutaline dose and also added indocin. I had this combination of meds (including procardia) when I was first admitted and it worked on the contractions and I handled it well. Not so much last night. There are some very funny parts, after the fact of course, but I must set the stage to get to the funny parts.

Mom was here - it was around 9:30 or so and D had already left to go home. I had gotten out of bed to change clothes and I was telling mom I was really hungry since I had eaten dinner really early that day -- at 4:30. Earlier in the day I had gotten really hot. I'm getting used to the hot flashes I have because of the meds, but this was unusually hot and uncomfortable. I figured it was just the addition of the indocin and I eventually cooled off. So I'm talking to her about eating something and I felt like I started getting lighter. I lost my balance - thankfully I was standing right by the wall so I didn't fall - I just sort of leaned in to the wall. Mom helped me back to bed and I kept feeling lighter and lighter. I don't remember much after that - I remember talking occasionally - but mom called the nurse in and she checked all my vitals - blood pressure, pulse, temperature, even pricked my finger to test my blood sugar since, apparently, I insisted everyone know I had not eaten since 4:30 (not totally true - I had snacked, but nothing substantial). Have no recollection of any of that. I was delusional. I do remember getting sick. I don't know if mom realized how "out of it" I was, initially, but I kept talking about being hungry so she asked me if I wanted peaches. Not so great. The nurse called my doctor at home - they were all baffled because all my vitals were normal and there were no signs of blood clots. He didn't think the addition of the indocin should have caused such a reaction but he told the nurse to not give me any more doses.

I eventually fell asleep and mom left around 11, but apparently I didn't fall asleep before providing some comic relief. When I talked to mom this morning, she was telling me all the things I was saying. There could have been more that I said but she hung up with me. I think I was laughing so hard she was afraid I'd go in to labor. Here are a few highlights:
  • Everything in the room was floating, I kept telling her. She said I was particularly interested in the clock that was just about to float away
  • I said "that was pretty tame..." she said "Yeah..... until you started singing Happy Birthday to yourself in the mirror." I asked her when I had been in the mirror because the only mirror I have is in the bathroom. She said she helped me to the bathroom twice. Hence the hand washing and the happy birthday serenade to myself. Apparently i said you have to sing a song to make sure you wash your hands long enough.
  • When I was sitting on the bed, I would close my eyes -- I started getting really sleepy - and then I opened my eyes and told mom that whenever I closed my eyes I could see little men building caves. ???
  • When she thought I was ready to go to sleep, she was pulling the sheet and blanket over me and she asked me if I wanted the body pillow I have - it was at the foot of the bed. I said "Oh yes - that's Bruce. I like to sleep with Bruce."
  • And finally, and possibly my favorite, mom was on the phone with my dad -- she had stayed later than she was expecting to make sure I was okay - and she was telling dad she thought she was going to ask a security guard to walk her to her car so she didn't get shot. I piped up (I think she thought I had gone to sleep) and said "Well....if you get shot you can just turn around and come right back in to the hospital." My dad told me this morning he could hear me saying that in the background.

I'm still laughing.....maybe you have to hear the conversation instead of reading it, but it was quite funny.

Okay. All that laughing has made me ready for a nap! Until next time.

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