Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pregnant Andrea pix!

D brought my camera to the hospital and I've figured out that I can download the pictures to my laptop. (Shhh - don't tell Uncle Ernie). I've put a couple of progress pictures of me below - 26 weeks and 4 days.......we grow daily!!

All is well in my apartment at the hospital. I told someone my room is the one with the welcome mat and the mailbox outside. I've not gotten around to interior's hard to match the green in the furniture and blankets on my bed. I've also not gotten up the nerve to have my online shopping delivered here - haha.

My contractions have been slowly increasing the past few days. I'm still within my allowance, but it's been an increase and also an increase in the overall irritability of my uterus (activity that's not considered contractions). Everyone figures I'm getting used to my meds so they've increased the 3-hour doses I get from the pump and they're also starting me on a 48 hour round of indocin in addition to the procardia I'm already taking. This combination is what I had when I first was admitted and it seemed to work. They're trying to hold off on the magnesium sulfate as long as they can just because of the side effects people have. I didn't realize, but with the mag ( lingo) you're completely bedridden. Apparently, in addition to making you feel all kinds of weird, it affects the central nervous system by relaxing it so not only can you not get out of bed, they are also doing a full check on your every few hours. My doctor this morning told me sometimes they'll do a "mag wash" where they put you on the magnesium for a few days to wash the terbutaline and other meds out of your system and then re-start the other meds so they are more effective. Here's hoping we can put that off as long as possible!! But - I won't complain....I may not like it, but I won't complain.

Since I went on bedrest so early, we've not been able to participate in the prenatal classes that interested us. One was an infant CPR class - that one's a must. I was told today that if our girls spend more than 72 hours in the NICU, we will be required to be certified in infant CPR and they'll actually send someone to my room to teach us. Otherwise, we'll take the class after the babies arrive. We had also registered for a multiples class --- for the information but also to meet other couples experiencing pregnancy with multiples along with us. That one is 2 classes per week for 2 weeks and started last night. I had called to cancel and request a refund and today the instructor for the class came to my room and brought us all the info she gave out last night. I've done alot of reading since I've been pregnant but she gave us some really good information. She's going to set up a tour of the NICU for us as well.

That's about all that's going on for us..........until next time!

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