Friday, April 11, 2008

Me again

I'm still hangin' out at the hospital. They decided to keep me one more night, but the nurse just told me if everything looks good tomorrow, they're going to send me home. I'm ready........this bed is uncomfortable!!! It's not been bad, though, and I really have been able to relax. They're giving me another sleeping pill tonight.....I'm not big on those, but after the night's rest I got last night, bring it on.

They gave me the medicine pump- they call it the t-pump. It's terbutaline - a medicine used to treat asthma, but it relaxes the soft tissue including the uterus. There's a small tube that goes into my thigh and the pump dispenses a dosage every 4 hours around the clock. I add new meds every 24 hours and have to change the tubing in my leg every 5 days. Apparently there are alot of women here who are pregnant with twins who are using t-pumps so it must be good.

The babies have been very active today - the most I've felt them move. For the first time I saw a little foot or elbow poke out of my belly and D and my mom both got to feel them kick for the first time. This evening the nurse put them on a fetal monitor to watch their heartbeats so we sat here for about 10 minutes watching and listening. Both of them were hard to pin down - even Sofia, usually our quiet one, was kicking and moving. You could hear it on the monitor as she was searching for their heartbeats - little bumps. Sometimes they were loud and I could feel them when they were kicking hard. When the nurse came back to remove the monitors she said the babies looked great. She said they were at the nurses' station watching their rates and they were surprised they were "only" 22/23 weeks. Our girls are overachievers already - haha. Apparently they look for periods of acceleration in their heart rates. As she put it "We look for accel which means a happy baby." Our babies are quite happy - haha.

Anyhow - just wanted to drop in with a quick update. Thanks to everyone for the phone calls and messages - we so appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Hopefully my next message will be from the comfort of my 8 pillows!!!!

Until then....................

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