Sunday, April 13, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I've never been so happy to be back on my couch! They sent me packing from the hospital on Saturday afternoon with my new t-pump and instructions for strict bed rest. Done and done. I've not even made it downstairs today. Everyone at the hospital was great but I must say......their beds are HORRIBLE! It was like sleeping on plastic activity mats - by Friday afternoon my back was killing me. My bed last night was heavenly.

It's funny - I've read in all the books how your body changes and how you may become hot natured. I thought "Well...that's for people who have "normal" body temperatures....I'm so cold natured, I'll probably find out what it's like to be like everyone else." Not so much. D went to TN yesterday morning, at my insitence, for his boy's weekend so my mom stayed with me last night. We came upstairs for bed and she said "Andrea....the air conditioning is running up here - we need to turn it off". Here I was thinking I should put on a tank top - hahaha. She slept in my long pants, t-shirt, sweat shirt and was under the sheet and 2 blankets plus my half of one of the blankets. I couldn't believe it. D's the same way - I'll wake up and he'll be curled up next to me with all the blankets on him and covering his head. I even find Barley curled up at the bottom of the bed with his nose tucked in. My poor boys!!

In other news, Adam starts the process for coming home from Afghanistan!! He's been there for about 6 months, I think, and is finally coming home. He has probably already started his travels since they are 9.5 hours ahead of us. He'll go to a couple of bases in Afghanistan before flying to Kuwait and then on to a base in the US where he'll stay for about 2 weeks. We're not sure how long the process will take - there's no time table for him being able to get to Kuwait - they just send them when they have flights available. Will be so great to see him!

That's about all for again tomorrow and from there I'll find out how often I'll continue to visit him (here's hoping for often for my peace of mine!). 23 weeks..........11 more to go to reach our goal!!

Until tomorrow.........

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