Monday, April 14, 2008


Just a quick update from my doctor's visit today. I'm again considered "stable" with no change from my visit on Thursday. I'm pleased, but I was pleased last Tuesday and was in the hospital on Thursday - ha. It's a good sign, though. Each visit Daniel and I both ask him the same question in different ways. I know we're looking for him to tell us everything is going to be just fine, and he can't do that, but he does continue to tell us he's seen couples in my place (first pregnancy with twins, premature shortening, etc.) and they've gone on to deliver healthy babies that were able to go home with them. We're doing everything we can do, he's doing everything he can do and it's up to my body to do the rest. His optimism is comforting but we understand things can change at any time.

We did learn today that 24 weeks is when the babies start having a chance of survival if they're born. My doctor didn't have expectations that we would deliver at 24 weeks, and I know it would be an uphill battle if they were born, but it gives me just a slight bit of comfort to know that we're almost to a point where they would have a chance and every day they stay "in there" after that is better and better. We're going to get past that, though.

That's about all.......stable and still optimistic. Next appointment is this Thursday. He said we'll take it appointment by appointment to determine how often I go back. I told him I would move into his office if he wanted me to - hahaha. We really like him - this afternoon he went back and researched a couple of things to give us some statistics and then he continued talking to us as he wheeled me outside to our car.

In other news, D starts his new job tomorrow. He's excited and I'm excited for him. He told me tonight he's going to have to go to bed early - haha.

Until next time!

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