Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Funny Story

I've mentioned this before, but I get a dose of meds at midnight every night. I'm usually awake - I try to stay awake until I get that dose because if I fall asleep earlier, I can't go back to sleep after the nurse wakes me. If I do doze off, I usually wake up with all the noise of them pushing their portable computer terminal in or when they turn on a light.

Monday night I was apparently quite tired because not only did I fall asleep a good bit before midnight, I didn't wake up when the nurse came into the room. She brought the terminal and the blood pressure machine in, turned on the lights (they're on a dimmer so she just barely turned them on, in my defense) and I was out. She first put her hand on my arm hoping that would wake me, but when it didn't she started patting my arm. That did it..........she really scared me and as I jumped I grabbed her arm. Hahahaha you should have seen her face. I also remember telling her I was having a dream about grabbing a fence............yeah that made no sense....and I wasn't dreaming that at all. Ever been woken up or fighting sleep and you seeem to say things you have no control over? She was my nurse again last night and when she came in, she said "I'll try something different to wake you tonight" - hahahahaha. She probably was thinking a broom handle so she could touch my arm from a distance this time.

Another funny's no secret the meds I'm taking, along with 2 babies, makes me really hot so my room stays in the mid-60s. I have an extra blanket on hand for all visitors but I also encourage everyone to bring your own parka - haha. My grandmother was visiting on Monday and I was commenting on how the flowers I had gotten last week were still alive and pretty. Without skipping a beat, she looked at me and said "Well's like they're still sitting on the shelf in the refrigerator at the florist!" Thanks, Nana!!!!

Hope everyone is doing well. Nothing much else to report here - just starting another day well on my way to completing week 2 in the hospital and week 26 for the babies!

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