Saturday, May 3, 2008

26 weeks!

26 weeks and counting. It's been a good week - it's gone by fast and here's hoping the rest of them go by just as fast. Nothing crazy to report - I'm getting to know the nurses better and just hanging out. They're going to check with my doctor to see if I can get up and do a little walking twice a day. We're not talking serious walking --- just across the hall to the ice machine and water to help stave off blood clots. I almost feel guilty thinking about the prospect, but if my doctor says I should walk, I'll walk. I can already feel the toll bed rest is taking on my body so getting the slightest bit of "exercise" will help. I'm not complaining, mind you, just stating the facts. Ha - I was telling D after the babies are born, we're going to start walking twice a day, depending on the weather. After thinking about it I realized that, for a while, our walks will consist of walking in circles around the cul-de-sac because there is no way I'm going to be able to make it up our hill to leave our street much less pushing a stroller. One step at a time.

But that's getting ahead of the task we still have.....keeping these girls "in there" for a few more weeks (ideally 8). They've told me every day I stay pregnant is 2 less days in the NICU.

Our girls continue to be quite active. I can lay here forever watching them kick....hopefully not eachother. They have some strong little legs, I must tell you......some serious kicking going on. A favorite time of theirs to be active seems to be when the nurses are trying to get a few minutes of them on the fetal monitor. Everyone has given up trying to keep them on the monitor for any length of time - they're still small enough to have a good bit of room to move around - so they try to get a few minutes of uninterrupted heartbeats. Good luck with that! You'll hear heartbeats and then "thwack" as they kick. Quite funny. I'll never not be in awe of seeing and feeling them kick me.

So here we go for another week towards healthy babies. Someone at the restaurant asked D's mom how we were doing. She told them we were doing well - that we had an apartment in the hospital - hahahaha! My dad today said "You know, Andrea, once you have the babies you have to go home" - haha. Cute!

In other news, D's brother, Adam, has safely returned from Afghanistan!!!! He's in NC right now still going through the return process, but he should be back here some time next week - probably towards the end of the week. We're so glad he's back and we can't wait to see him!!

That's all I have! Hope you're doing well and until next time.......

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