Thursday, March 27, 2008

Day 1.........

Okay I promise I won't title any more blogs based on what day of rest it is - haha. So bed rest it is. I expected it......I even wore jeans to my appointment anticipating I'd be heading back home. I wasn't prepared for the emotional part of trying not to worry about things that are out of my control so it's been an exhausting day. Ironic, huh. An exhausting day on the recliner. Want to know how many pillows fit on a recliner?? I'm up to 6 right now - haha. But it's actually quite comfy. Ask me on day 100 - ha.

So here's a funny story. In anticipation of my appointment today, I was trying to get things done at work and at home over the past couple of weeks. One thing on my list.....a pedicure. The place I go is great and the lady I usually request is wonderful. I think she gave me special treatment knowing I was pregnant. So....I'm the only person in there for a bit yesterday afternoon so 2 of the ladies who work there were sitting on either side of me in the massage chairs and T was doing my pedicure. They took turns asking me about the babies and then they would talk to eachother in their native language before they asked me another question. Quite odd since I knew they were talking about me when I couldn't understand them. I didn't care...just as long as she kept massaging my feet! The other 2 leave so it's just T talking to's how it goes.......(imagine the accent)

T: "How you have 2 babies?"
Me: "How?" (she shakes her head) - "I'm not sure yet - we'll have to see how they're positioned."
T: "No. How you have 2 babies in first place?"
Me: " did I end up having twins?" (again, shakes her head) "We just got lucky"
T: "Oh yes. Very lucky."

I was sitting there thinking "Did she just ask me how we went about having twins......if we had help??" I've been asked by total strangers before if we had help....right after 'Do twins run in your family', but I wasn't prepared for that question from her. It was funny - I can imagine the look on my face when I realized what she was trying to ask me - ha.

Oddly enough, I've had a couple of people ask me if we've had "help".......that always surprises me when they're total strangers. I guess I figured if you were going to ask a question that personal, you should probably.....oh I don't know.....know my name? Have some history with me? My favorite response to that question is "Oh husband was a huge help" - haha. Depends on my mood.

That's about all the comedy I have from now. I'll post some of the ultrasound pictures in the next entry.

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