Monday, February 18, 2008

Ultrasound pictures's taken me a while to do it, but I've finally scanned in some of the ultrasound pictures we have. These were done on January 11th when I was almost 10 weeks along. These are the first we have where they start to even resemble....well....babies - haha.

Picture showing both babies in the same shot. Since they're both quite active, it's hard to get a picture where you can clearly see both babies.

Baby A - I love this one - it's like you're looking straight down at it laying down on it's back with "arms" and "legs" up in the air.

Baby A again - this shot is the one where it looks most like a baby.

Baby B - We really couldn't get a good picture of Baby B, but how can I leave it out??!! It was moving its arm up next to its head. I think the pictures aren't as easy to get because Baby B is positioned behind baby A so the doctor had to do a little more maneuvering to get a picture.

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