Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sofia Kathryn & Olivia Claire

Our girls are growing! We've chosen their names.....Sofia Kathryn and Olivia Claire. We'll call them Sofia and Olivia. We've not determined which baby goes with which name -- we're going to wait until we meet them so for now they're still affectionately known as Babies A and B.

These are pictures from today. We had the anatomy ultrasound 2 weeks ago and they measured our girls from head to toe. They checked out just fine and weighed ~ 8oz each. When people tell me I don't look like I'm having twins, I tell them they weigh 8 oz big am I supposed to be?!?!?!

The ultrasound today was just to make sure they're doing okay - I think it was supposed to be quick but both girls appeared to be quite playful so we just kept watching them and lauging at all the things they did. B was stretched out with her arms over her head and she kept opening her mouth like she was yawning. Amazing.....they're little people now!

Baby B profile

Baby B with her legs over her head

B's foot -- amazing the detail!

B with her feet in front of her face - this is the same as the "regular" one of B above.

A's hand - she has it up to her face - you can see her ear just behind and above her thumb.

A's face sort of looking down (no - that's not hair) - her elbow is to her right. Funny --- that's B's rear end on the far right of the picture and just about even with A's face - you can see her thigh coming down (her knee is out of the shot) and then her foot comes across in front of A and ends just a little in front of A's elbow.

Me on Easter Sunday at my parent's house. I'm 20 weeks in this picture. I like the shirt, but I was joking to mom the night before that I was wearing the shirt that makes me look like an Easter egg - hahahahahaha.
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Cindi said...

Well, you're the prettiest Easter egg I've seen in a long time!

I love the names you guys have chosen.

Hope your days of rest aren't too stressful!