Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Staying Busy

Ah life in public accounting. It's that time of year when it appears I have fallen off the face of the planet, only to resurface again in March. I can't's not like it's unexpected, and honestly it keeps my mind occupied. Well....mostly occupied. I can't say I've not taken breaks here and there to do some baby research or "shopping".

So! Since not much else is going on, how about a baby update?! Went to the doctor on Monday and had yet another ultrasound. I'll have many ultrasounds between now and mid-July. This one was just to check on the babies - there were no measurements, no checking the heartbeat. Not even any pictures (slightly disappointed). This one was for the doctor to just see them since it would have been hard for her to find the 2 separate heartbeats. They look like little babies now - arms and legs are no longer buds and head is more "normal-shaped." And wow are they quite active. She had a hard time getting a good look at their heartbeats because they were wiggling around so much. I asked her to explain how they were located from my perspective.....Baby A was upside down in the front and Baby B was head up behind Baby A. They were facing eachother and she said "Oh look....they're kicking eachother in the head!!" How cute?? Fighting already??!! It was quite funny and so neat to see how active they were.

Everything appears to be normal. I go back in 4 weeks for a regular appointment and I also start regular visits with the maternal/fetal specialist. My first appointment there is March 13th where we should be able to find out their gender!! I'll go here for more detailed ultrasounds than what they have at my doctor's office and I'll continue to see both until we have the babies.

My doctor is so nice....she's younger (not to be confused with inexperienced). She told us we will most likely have a planned delivery (read c-section) which is expected. We've decided to have the babies at GHS....we had originally planned to go to St.F but have since changed our minds.

The giddy stage has passed and now I find myself overwhelmed (although still extremely happy....just today I was walking down the hall smiling at the thought of our twins). JBE will be the first to tell you that I love a good project - haha. Life is not exciting without SOME project going on........first it was woo hoo moving to TN....then woo hoo moving home for the woo hoo wedding. After a brief rest it was woo hoo house and now woo hoo babies. This project is a mega project. It's a master project with various mini-projects. There's daycare (first on the list because apparently one has to start very early if you have hopes of getting into the "good" ones). We are visiting 3 tomorrow and I've made a dozen phone calls. There's planning the nursery.....deciding on all the stuff one needs...times two........and on and on. Oh - let's not forget names. Let's face it.....we were never really going to name them Bob and Wendi!!!! We find that girl's names come easier than boys. As a matter of fact...I think we may have girl's names picked out even though we said we would wait to know what we were having so we could think of 4 instead of 8 names. That's huge decision! This will stay with them for the rest of their lives......they won't care if their nursery wasn't "cool".....but if their name isn't perfect.....

All so exciting. So! That's about all that's going on. January has come and gone (happy birthday to Daniel!) and I can't believe we're working on February. Hope everyone is doing well!

Until next time!

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