Sunday, July 23, 2006

Baby Carter

Baby Carter is here! He arrived 2 weeks early to everyone's surprise......although the due date has always been in question! Here are the details:

Benjamin Carter - born July 21, 2006 at 11:10am. Weight = 6lbs 14oz & he was 191/4" long.

It seems like it happened so fast (and I've talked to Robin - she agrees, so it's not just me saying that - haha!). We had all been out to dinner Thursday evening and then back to our house. Everyone left around 10pm and Daniel and I went to bed shortly after. Daniel's cell phone ringing woke me up around 2:20am. It was my mom calling and I wasn't even thinking about the baby -- I was wondering what in the world she was doing calling me at that time of the morning. She said "Robin's being admitted to the hospital -- Carter's on his way". Silly me suggested that I get a little more sleep and would join them at the hospital around 6 or 7. Yeah right! I laid down for about a minute and thought to myself "What am I thinking? There's no way I'm going back to sleep" so I got up and got ready and made it to the hospital a little before 4am. Robin had just gotten the epidural so it was safe to be in the room with her - haha! I think my dad asked her how she was feeling and her comment was "This stuff is awesome!" - hahaha!! Things progressed nicely and around 10:50 they were moving everyone out of the room so they could have a baby. I was in the delivery room with them -- my job was to get pictures when he was born and shortly after. My job changed when the doctor stepped out of the room because she "had a little too much coffee this morning". It was an amazing experience that I'll never forget and I'm honored that they allowed me to be there. Robin was amazing and Chad was fantastic -- it was perfect (and about 20 minutes!!). They stayed in the hospital until Sunday afternoon when they went home. Everyone is doing great - they're glad to be home, and they have plenty of helpful hands for anything they need -- I don't think the smiles have left the faces of the grandparents yet!!!!

As a funny aside -- Robin had the funniest story about her going into labor at seems that she started feeling "funny" around 11pm and when she woke Chad up to tell him that they needed to go to the hospital, his first thoughts were "Oh man -- how am I going to do this for the next 2 weeks??" Seems he was expecting to go to the hospital and they would be sent home until the next time - hahaha! Also -- just so everyone knows - the police do patrol the highways at 1:am......Chad and Robin were making their way through Easley towards Greenville Memorial and they were stopped by the Highway Patrol going about 75 down Hwy 123. Robin said the officer took forever to get out of his car and she kept saying to Chad "Chad, GET OUT of the car and tell him we're in labor." Chad smartly didn't listen to her, but I'm sure he got an ear-full. The officer finally got out and slowly made his way to the car and Robin said that it probably was a split second from when Chad rolled down the window to when she saw the officer, but she felt like everyone was standing there looking at eachother so she pushes Chad back into his seat and takes charge: "Sir - I'm in labor and we're on our way to the hospital". The officer was fairly young-looking she said and apparently wanted no part in birthing a baby so he immediately said "Oh..oh...okay -- ya'll go on -- just be careful"!!!!! LOVE THAT STORY!!! That's just so....them!!

Here are a few pictures of the baby from the day he was born. We're in the process of getting all the pictures from all the cameras (I think there were about 6 cameras there!!) so I'll have more soon.

Take care!

This is 4am!!!!! I think this picture is hilarious!!!!!!!

Carter - about 5 minutes old

Carter - about 10 minutes old

Chad, Robin & Carter shortly after Carter's arrival

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Cincerely said...

I love the photo of Robin putting on makeup, while waiting to deliver! Little Carter is a cutie. I know you'll be fully wrapped around his little finger before the month is over.

Love the house! Maybe one day I'll actually get there in person.

We It's been way too long. I am thrilled that you & Daniel (ok, Barney too) are all doing well!