Saturday, June 24, 2006

The house is finished!!!!!

I know, I know.....just one last house posting! I've been in Atlanta all week and had not had a chance to get by the house for one last picture, but here it is! They ended up adding the railing around the front porch -- apparently it wasn't tall enough to require rails to meet the building code, but they decided to add them anyway. I was starting to like the porch without them, but now that I see it with them, I love it. The grass makes the front yard look much bigger to me and Daniel says that he could see the dollar-signs clicking off in my head as I stood in the middle of it talking about watering -- hahaha. I've never been one to wish for rain, but we've not yet moved in and I'm already starting to develop a rain dance - hahaha!!!

We did find out yesterday that they have to replace the carpet in the whole house. read that correctly. One of the items on our punch list was the carpet in the family room, dining room, master bedroom & closet, and one of the other bedrooms. The seams were obvious and you could see 2 different colors of carpet -- and not just a subtle difference. The carpet guy happened to come by while we were there yesterday (he had a key so we got to go inside!). Apparently it's a manufacturing issue -- the dye on the carpet at the front of the roll was different from the dye at the back of the roll -- and they took pieces off the back of the roll to complete the rooms that I mentioned above. Since the carpet touches everywhere -- they have to re-order and replace everything from rolls that come from the same dye-l0t. They're re-ordering on Monday and (cross your fingers) if everything comes in as expected, they'll install on Wednesday. Otherwise - we'll have to make a decision about whether or not we want to close on Thursday or wait until the carpet is installed. I'm expecting that we will close and they'll just have to figure out what they're going to do with our stuff to keep it out of their way (we can't store it in the garage......installation of the garage door opener is scheduled for Friday morning).....we shall see!

Anyway!! Here's a couple of pictures of the finished product!

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