Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Last night we were putting a new bed together for Olivia.....and the girls were entertaining themselves. Olivia told me they were drawing pictures to hang up for Grandma. Little did I know they were already working on that! This morning, D sent me a picture of the girls. They were on the roof. Well. Not on the roof outside......we have a third floor (I sounds so.....I mean really.) with a bedroom we use as an office, a bathroom and a bonus room. The girls call it the roof. So they were on the roof and apparently they had been making artwork and hanging it up. With tafe.

D was funny.....he keeps picking up markers (because we're not ready to paint walls to cover over artwork - ha!) yet the girls keep finding new markers. When he went upstairs to check on the girls, this is what he found...........

The girls colored on paper and the hung their work up on the wall. If you'll notice...some of the pages are blank. That's because D yet again put markers away.....and when he asked Sofia why there were blank pieces of paper on the wall, she goes "Because took all the markers away so we put up the paper with no pictures."  Hilarious! And I love that they still call tape "tafe".  

So the roof is all decorated for the next time Grandma comes to visit.......aaaand we need to buy more tafe.

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