Thursday, July 26, 2012

Practicing the diva-ness

It's hard work living with me and D sometimes.....but I think Miss Sofia is doing pretty well. She's currently our resident Diva-in-Training. See.......

I mean....and this is just for lunch. You can't see it in the picture, but Sofia is also wearing her princess dress. Because, I mean, really. Who doesn't eat lunch in their princess dress?!

Of course....when it's time to head out side for a little ride around the neighborhood, we do leave the princess dress behind. But the shades, tiara, and feathery purse (filled with goodness knows what!) absolutely must come along.....

This kid is hilarious, no??!!!

We had a great weekend visiting back home. It was Carter's 6th birthday and we headed there for the weekend. The girls were excited to buy Carter a birthday present -- even if we did have to break up an argument over what color, exactly, the present would be. Sofia was adamant that Carter would love a yellow present and Olivia just knew that Carter would love a rainbow present. (Um. And I learned how little I do know about toys for boys.....and none of them are yellow or rainbow!)

We went swimming for the birthday party and we decided to try a new floatation device. We were going to put the girls in swimming lessons that are offered at our neighborhood pool, but when Sofia came down with pneumonia, we delayed. So for now, the big girls are still timid in the water. But Saturday -- while swimming at Carter's party -- we were sneaky and finally got the girls to float in the pool by themselves! This is a big deal, people! And the girls were so proud of themselves. All day Sunday we talked about how the girls were swimming "all by my own!"

And Miss Bella-Bella was thrilled to be in the pool. They didn't allow the kind of float where Bella could sit in so we just held her in the water -- and she loved it. She splashed, kicked, giggled and splashed some more. A great birthday party for Carter!

And before I forget....and because it's so stinkin cute. I love how the girls still have their own way of saying certain things.....and it's way too cute to correct. Case in point (in addition to "all by my own"). When we were picking out a birthday card for Carter, Sofia got upset because Olivia picked out the card.......and she needed her own card with a red "engaloo". Say what? You know -- you have the birthday card and you put it in an engaloo.  Love!

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