Saturday, February 4, 2012

If walls could talk....

.....our walls would tell you some of the funniest stories about the conversations we have around here......

Olivia: "Mommy. When I throw up, I get bigger!"

Sofia: "Mommy....Bella's a baby. She likes to cry. We're big girls. We like to walk and run."

Sofia: "Daddy! I see three comets way up in the sky!"
Olivia: "No, Sofia. Those aren't comets. I believe those are airplanes."

Grandma, while helping the girls put a puzzle of the United States together: "Girls -- can you point to the state you live in?"
Girls: "Grandma -- we live on the planet Earth."

We have an app for the iPad that has pictures associated with 3-letter words and you are supposed to drag the letters to the correct box to spell the word. Olivia was playing one day and she goes "k......i........t"......"box!" (there was a picture of a first aid kit....and she was was shaped like a box - ha!)

At some point, Grandma taught the girls that when they eat all their dinner, they make a happy plate. The girls have modified when Olivia finished eating her chick fil a chicken nuggets..."Look, Mommy. I made a happy box!"

Me: "Sofia -- do you want to get your hair cut?"
Sofia: "No, Mommy. That will hurt me!"

Sofia: "Mommy, it's our turn to hide - you count to 100." and she runs away.
Then she comes back and goes "Mommy! We're going to hide behind the tree just like you!" and she runs away again - haha!

Me: "Olivia....did you know that Sofia is your twin sister? Do you know what that means?"
Olivia [shakes her head no]
Me: "It means you and Sofia were born on the same birthday."
Olivia: "But and Sofia are different."

Sofia [pointing] "Daddy, what's that?"
Daddy: "Um. Uh. Um. You don't need to know about that right now."
(I should tell you that daddy was in the middle of getting dressed when Sofia had a potty emergency so he didn't make it to his pants before running with her down the hallway. Notice I said pants......not underwear.....pants!)

D:"Have you seen the (whatever brand of cold medicine he was looking for)? I thought we had some here."
Me: "We don't have any more of that, but there's another kind in the cabinet."
D:"Yeah. I'm going to take that one when I go nie-night."
Me: "Um. What?"

And! If our walls could talk, they would also tell you about all kinds of hugging going on around here.........

(I love the way Bella is looking at Sofia here!)

Although sometimes.......hugs aren't quite welcome!

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