Friday, February 3, 2012

Family fieldtrip

Now before you go and get all excited about where we've been during my (unintentional) blog hiatus..........let me tell you that our fieldtrip was the pediatrician's office. And when we weren't at the pediatrician's office, we were here............
Turns out there's a virus that brings cold know......fever, runny occasional vomit here and there. Oh. And I saved the best for last. Pink eye. Did you get that? Pink eye? Who knew. It all started last Sunday --- Olivia woke up with gunk in her eye. I found what is probably the only detriment to having such long eye lashes.......eye gunk. It wasn't until Sunday evening when Mom and I were giving the girls a bath that it hit me. D walked in and goes "Oh wow. Olivia's eye looks pink." [BAM]. Like a ton of bricks.

So I head out of town for the week and D calls the pediatrician on Monday to get some drops. By Wednesday we think we're in the eye has been contained to one kid. Success! Um. Not so much.

By Thursday, Livie's eye was no longer pink....but she was running a fever and vomiting every now and then. Sofia woke up with pink eye. And Bella was running a more-than-low-grade fever. Which is how today's fieldtrip came to be. It was funny.....we started out by making an appointment for Livie.....last night she was talking about how her tongue hurt and we finally figured out she was talking about her throat. (Note to Mommy......practice that body part.....) I looked in her mouth and she had white spots on her tonsils. Strep? So I called for an appointment and about 20 mins before we were leaving I realized just how warm Bella was. So we called and added her on to our appointment. Then -- I was getting ready to put Livie and Bella in the car and I looked at Sofia with her one eye all swollen and both eyes streaming tears. So we all get in the car and head to the pediatrician's office. Family fieldrip!

So yes......that's where we got the fantabulous news about this virus that has taken over my sweet baby girls. Oh. I forgot to mention. I think I have it too. Minus the pink eye, so far.......

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