Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Only me......

I know, I know.......bad, bad blogger. It's a crazy time around our house these days and the winds of change are a blowing..................add in the fact I can no longer upload pictures from my home computer and *poof*.....more than a week passes.

And today.....sitting in my hotel room without the pictures I want to post from Bella's birthday party. Poor, poor Bella. It's the youngest child syndrome.......

So. This time I have a funny story about me.

I'm working out of town on a new client so I'm learning my way around.....and the other day, I turned on the small side street that would take me to the parking garage. Only to find that, blocking my way to the parking garage, is a fire truck, an ambulance and a police car or three. My first thought was "I hope everyone is okay." My second thought was "How on earth could someone be driving so fast on this little street to cause an accident that required that much help." I never saw the ambulance being used so I assume everyone was okay.

That still didn't help me get to the parking garage. So I turn around.....and I have no clue where to go to get around. Traffic is crazy and there's no way I'm making the turn to go out the way I came in. So I turn the other direction...following a couple of cars in front of me. "Oh good," I think to myself "This isn't nearly as busy as the other way."

Oh it was busy, alright. It was busy because all of a sudden I realized I was at a school. In the car line. Where people wait to drop their kids off. I'm not even kidding. I'm sitting in traffic snaking through a parking lot --- I can't get out because there are cars parked on either side --- and I'm heading straight towards the front door where kids are being dropped off. I got closer to the front and I'm looking all over the place to find another way to go. I finally see a place I can turn to the right. So I did. And ended up in the bus lane.

A nice lady with a walkie-talkie finally helped me by moving some cones and showing me the way out. Of course the way out was back in the car line for the exit, but at least it was the part of the car line after people let their kids off. So I didn't stand out so much. Seriously.....I was dying.

Only me.

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Jessica said...

LOL! (Please know that I only laugh because I could totally see myself doing this!)

Hubby arrives back tomorrow for three weeks. Let's plan a Mama's Night Out...