Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Very first field trip

Ohmygoodness! I've had horrible trouble accessing my blog from our home computer - as you can guess by lack of posting and the fact that I've yet to be able to add Bella's 11 month picture to my previous post. I finally figured out (I think) it has to do with the upgrade to Explorer that was done by someone-who-shall-remain-nameless-but-is-not-me. Ahem. Moving on.......

So last week we took a family trip to the beach. The girls (and the parents) had been looking forward to that trip for quite a while and we had a blast. I have some cute pics....and of course it was Bella's first trip to the beach. Those are coming soon, but today we had our very first field trip with the girls' MMO program!!!!!!

We made a trip to a local pumpkin patch / apple orchard and it was so much fun! Miss Bella hasn't been feeling well since Sunday so we were mapping out plan B last night (whereby Daddy would stay home with Bella and Mommy would take O&S on the field trip). Luckily, Bella was in good spirits this morning and was noticeably better so we decided to all go.

We started the trip off with a hay ride. Sofia was all about it. Olivia....not so much! After that, we headed to the pumpkin patch........................................................
The girls spent a lot of time picking out just the right pumpkin. Here's Olivia taking in her choices.......

And Sofia, who really wanted the smallest pumpkin out there because the others were just too heavy!

These girls crack me up!

Oh. Who knew there was popcorn at the pumpkin / apple farm, but there sure was. Maybe I shouldn't be so surprised.....there was also a corn maze.......hmm. It's funny - all of a sudden the girls started asking for popcorn. We've never given them popcorn but a few nights ago, Olivia goes "Daddy - I want popcorn!" I said "You've never eaten popcorn - how do you know you like it?" to which she replied "I have popcorn at school!". Oh. Well. Maybe they have.....maybe they haven't.....sometimes we're not sure if we're hearing an actual version of a story or not - ha!

But! The girls do, indeed, like popcorn.

After picking out the perfect pumpkin, playing in the play area, looking at the various farm animals, watching the train go around and around in the cute little store they had....and, of course, POPCORN!, we sat down for a picnic lunch. The weather was fantastic....a little cool in the morning but it warmed up nicely. It was a great day!

Before we left, we made one more trip to the store to watch the trains and I slipped out to get some pictures of Bella. A very nice gentleman must have felt sorry for me as I stood there calling Bella's name over and over and making funny noises and faces to get her to look at me and he walked up behind me jingling his keys which let me get some of the cutest pictures ever!

A great day for sure! We had a little bit of a rough start, though. It would seem that Little has gone missing. Sofia tells you he's hiding...and Livie even suggested he was hiding in the pumpkin patch, but we can't find that dog anywhere. He's not named Little for nothing! I'm a little scared, though......this afternoon, Sofia told me she dropped Little in the potty. If that is, indeed, true....we are so in trouble.

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Beth said...

Have you tried eBay for a duplicate Little? We couldn't remember who gave us Emmy's bunny and we looked and looked, finally we found one on eBay and it was worth every penny!

The girls are growing up, they are all three so, so cute!