Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday fun!

What a great day it's been! Our original plan was to pick up lunch and head to the zoo where they have some pretty cool playground equipment. As we pulled in to the parking lot at the zoo, there were school buses everywhere and there were so many kids that you couldn't even see the playgrounds. thank you! So we immediately devised a plan B which took us to another area park........and it was fenced in!! Bonus! We're big on fencing around here!

So we played and played.

We had ice cream from the ice cream truck.........

Oh. See those "buttons" as the girls called them? The eyes on the Pink Panther? Yeah.....that was gum. I was watching them closely as they were getting closer and closer to the "buttons" and then I'd sneak in and take the gum away before they even knew what hit them. But then Olivia busted me as I was trying to get the last one from her......and I didn't get it. By this time there was ice cream dripping everywhere so I totally forgot about that gumball (shocking, I know).....until I had the girls in the bathroom washing their hands and faces.....and Olivia was just chewing away. Her very first experience with gum.

Bella loved Grandma's strawberry fruit bar!

We played and played some more. Including on the swings.

And I can't believe Aunt Ra-Ra was able to get the big girls in the swings. I was pretty sure they had already decided that swinging was not for them. How wrong was I?!?!!

"Mommy.........push me bigger!!"

After a very full day, we headed for home.

The sign of a good day, no?!

Oh. And just because she's so darn cute........

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