Wednesday, April 13, 2011


We're trying to catch a break around here......I think we need a Lysol explosion in the house. D took Bella to the doctor today. Another round of croup.......the barking seal has returned. Poor thing has been coughing so much it's making her throw up. I should say "poor Daddy" because have I told you about the fantastic talent Bella has for throwing up on everything and everyone around her, yet she manages to keep herself clean? That's our girl!

Of course, this morning D was getting the girls ready for MMO and as they were on their way out the door, Bella did manage to throw up all over herself. Hey.....everyone has an off day, right!

As an aside, the girls did return to MMO this week after missing both days last week so maybe we ARE turning a corner.

D called me after he dropped the girls off and I could tell he was frustrated. So he's telling me how he had to carry Sofia in......and then apparently Olivia decided she needed to walk with her blanket over her head. Now. I know D was frustrated, but I totally busted out laughing at the visual I had of Olivia walking down the hallway covered in her blanket. I got in trouble for laughing........but I'm sitting here laughing as I type!!!

D sent me this picture last week with the following message...."9 mos pants I could barely get over her legs......12 mos shirt." That's my big girl!!!!!

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