Thursday, March 10, 2011

Show me your silly face!!

I give you.......the silly faces:
Oh look, you might be saying.......they're so playful during breakfast. Uh-uhh. That's dinner. Otherwise known as "We pick our battles and we didn't pick that one". But! See what happened.....we went for cereal for dinner and we got silly faces! The funniest thing is when I say "Where's your silly face?", Olivia gets her silly face and then tries to talk with her fingers in her mouth "Ith riiiiiiith 'ere, Ommy!"

But those silly faces are also sick faces. D took the girls to the doctor yesterday since we felt like their coughs were getting worse. Sinus infections for both and Olivia had an ear infection. We were totally surprised by the ear infection......Livie is our most dramatic at the moment and we knew for sure she would have told us if she was in pain. So. Home they came with stickers and antibiotics and hopefully that will knock the infection out. But I must say....they're in quite good spirits for being sick so we've been thankful for that.

And now.....we're afraid Bella is coming down with something.........ugh. I'm so ready for nice weather where we can get outside and open the windows and let the germs be gone!

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