Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hollywood pictures.........

Holy cow is it hot outside!! We celebrated Carter's 4th birthday today at one of the local waterparks. It was the first time I've ever been and it was quite cool. The park...not the weather. It wasn't as crowded as one might think for a day this hot and it was actually comfortable sitting in the water and under / around the spray.
The pictures above are the girls ready to have lunch with Daddy (who was working today) before heading to the birthday bash. Quite cute, no?!
I wasn't sure how long we (well. we being me.) would make it outside today but we actually did okay. The hottest part of the time was walking to and from the car, if you can imagine that. There wasn't much that was age appropriate for the girls, but they really liked being able to walk around the splash area. Well. Sofia really enjoyed. She's our waterbug. Olivia had to be convinced to go in....if nothing more than to cool off.....she's the land lover. She was perfectly content. Being held by Grandma or Papa - haha. But they did well. Carter had a great day. And we were all exhausted when we got home.
I popped Dora in the DVD player in the car on the way home so the girls wouldn't go to sleep.....we paid for no naps just a little around dinner time, but just after dinner it was bath.....well - shower....and off to bed much earlier than usual.
Ahhhh. Silence.

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