Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Say what?!?!?!

The girls' vocabulary has really taken much that we can hardly keep track of the new words. Most of the time they'll say something and D and I will look at eachother and say "Did they just say _______? Where did they learn that word?!?" They're starting to put words together, too. They come up with some cute things!

  • butterfly - busserby - Olivia has taken a liking to "busserbys"
  • balloon - sometimes bawoon - we've had birthday balloons floating around the house so they've learned this one pretty quickly
  • tree - twee! We have flash cards and when they see the one with the tree, they say tweeeee!
  • stuck - as in "it's stuck" whenever they can't get something they want. This is one where D and I looked at eachother and said "Where did they learn that?"
  • help me - help you........Olivia was trying to get something that was stuck and went to D and said "Hep you, Daddy"
  • thunder - we've had quite a few storms over the past few days and the first time the girls noticed thunder, they said "What's that?" so we told them. Now when it thunders they walk around pointing towards the windows saying "thunder!"
  • want some - whenever we have something they want, mostly food, they come towards us with their sweet smile saying "want some!"
  • hush Barley! any time Barley barks
  • outside
  • moon - whenever my dad is with them outside, they always look for the moon
  • sun
  • watermelon - wasermelon
  • jump!
  • I got you - I tend to say this to the girls when I'm carrying them - when I pick Sofia up and it catches her off guard, she'll grab my arms and say "I got you"
  • All done! They hand us their plates when they're finished eating and say "All done!"
  • See you later

And possibly my most favorite.........the girls have flash cards and I'm amazed at how we went through them once and they could name most of the pictures the next time we showed them. They like to take the cards after they name them and put them back in the card box. I showed Olivia a picture of a snowman and she got a huge smile on her face and said "snowbaby!"


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