Friday, February 19, 2010

She's got it all figured out.......

Olivia has figured out how to work the system. Really. She has. My mom was keeping the girls the other night and she took them to my sister's house to play with Carter. Which means boy toys! Not a shred of pink anywhere in sight!! The girls are interested in Carter's toys and the other night, Olivia decided it was time to get to playing.

Carter has this one toy where the car snaps in to "thing" and you turn the handle several times (which makes a loud noise as the car revs up) before pushing the button which sends the car zooming across the floor. Olivia took a liking to that car and the last time we were over there, the girls sat by and watched as Carter made the car zoom across the floor. The girls always chased the car down but Carter was faster. This time, though, Olivia had it all figured out. She got the car.....snapped it into the "thing"......turned the handle and let the car zoom across the floor. Then. She looked at Aunt Ra-Ra.....and pointed in the direction of the car and said "Ummmmmmmmmm". Which, apparently, is Baby for "Aunt Ra-Ra, will you please go and get that car and bring it back to me so I can put it back in this "thing" and turn the handle again?!?!"

The funniest thing, though, was when they would get the car and give it back to Olivia, she said "Thank you, Baby!" Every.single.time.

My girls is demanding, but quite polite!!!

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