Sunday, February 28, 2010


EDIT: After re-reading my rant, I realized that I came across more harsh than I realized or how I intended!! I'm sure we'll be back at it again....we'll just pick a little noiser restaurant next time!!

I have a confession to make. I love these little girls..........
I do. Love 'em to pieces.


Currently, I'm not so much enjoying these girls when we take them to a restaurant. I know what you're thinking. "Um, even attempt to take them to a restaurant?" and you're right. What were we thinking? Maybe that's just it -- we weren't thinking. However, until we get the discipline thing more under control (and believe me - we're working pretty hard at it), I think our dining out experience with the girls will be limited to places where noise isn't an issue........and at the moment, the only places that come to mind are fast food restaurants -ha!

Last night D and I decided we would head out for an early dinner so the girls would eat well and then a little shopping. Easy enough, right? 1 to 1 ratio with adults and problem. Whatever. We have a 5 minute wait at the restaurant and are shown to a nice table in the back corner. This is going to be great. And then Sofia refuses to sit down in the high chair. Flat out refuses. Can I just tell you. Those preemie lungs have caught up with their peers and then some. We've already had a bit of attention with having to walk by all the tables with the girls......and then Sofia has to keep drawing attention to our little corner in the back.

I was hoping that little spectacle was it but boy was it just the beginning. After what felt like an eternity - we were packing up to leave. Not before I wiped ketchup off the walls (did you know that french fries dipped in ketchup make great little markers? ahem), picked up utensils from the floor and collected what was left of my nerves.

I didn't wait around to see.....but I'm pretty sure some people were applauding as we were leaving....................................................okay okay - it wasn't that bad........but it'll be a long time before we attempt a solo outing like that again!!!


Cincerely said...

I know it's painfully frustrating/embarassing/maddening while it's happening (was there with Chelsi), but do you teach them how to act in a restaurant if they never go to a restaurant. You did the right thing in keeping it short (for you & everyone else in the place), but you need to keep trying. At home, there aren't as many new shiny distractions on the table, in the waiters' apron pockets, some lessons have to be learned "in the field". Quick lunch breaks (salad & bread sticks at Olive Garden was a staple outing for us with Chelsi for several months) are usually easier than dinner for some of these lessons.

Chin're a great mom (& D's a great dad) and the girls are awesome. Awesome does not equal perfect. ;-)

jean binns said...

They are indeed such little sweethearts....even when they aren't always on their "best behavior" !