Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve.....Part I

We spent the afternoon of Christmas Eve with my parents, sister and her family. The kids were great as always - Carter is so good with the girls. They played and the girls toddled and we all ooh-ed and ahhh-ed over their newest milestone (can you tell I'm still smiling!).

And may I say..........bring on the girlie toys!! To date, most of our toys have been pretty gender neutral......but we've moved into the girly things now!

Grandma's most favorite gift...........

And what would a baby carriage be without a baby to go in it?? Grandma found the perfect babies -- nothing too complicated about them (i.e. they don't walk, talk, cry, eat or pee.......they're just....there. Do you know how hard it was to find a plain old baby doll? Well - it wasn't impossible, but we looked through lots of shelves to find these quiet, perfect babies - haha!) Their most complicated feature - their eyes open when they're upright and close when they're laying down. When I was little, Santa brought me a baby doll similar to this one....and apparently.....when I picked her up and her eyes opened, I screamed. We were all interested to see how the girls reacted.........

Sofia picked the doll up first.....and immediately poked her finger in the doll's eye and said "Eyes!". Quite cute...and right she was.

Just look at the concentration my sweet Sofia has on her face as she's poking this poor doll's eye out!!!
Ahh but a kiss makes up for it all........

And then Olivia picks up the doll and does the same thing!! "Eyes!" and to one-up her sister, she then points out the nose as well - ha!
Annnnnd another kiss to make it all better.......

The ball popper, however, was definitely the toy of the evening....for all 3 kids. We finally had to put it to the side to re-focus on the rest of the gifts.

Carter was hilarious.....he's definitely at an age where he enjoys Christmas and Santa, but he's still very excited about the act of unwrapping. He was excited about everything. At one point, he started opening a gift and loudly proclaims....................."Whoa! A red box!!!!!" Wow! If that's all it takes, right?!?!?
Yep - that's one excited kid!

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