Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Home sweet home

We're home! Actually - we've been home since Saturday night, but I'm just now getting around to doing a little blogging. We had an awesome time visiting family in KY -- the weather was awesome and fall is definitely in the air!

The trips up and back were great -- both times we left between 3 and 4 in the afternoon, drove for about 2.5 to 3 hours and then stopped for dinner. On the way up, the girls were introduced to Arby's.......so far we've done chicken nuggets from both Mickey D's and Chick fil A as far as fast food goes, but Arby's was a hit! I always struggle with what to order and how much...they're good eaters but they're still little - haha. After dinner, the girls (and Carter, too) would make it another half an hour or so and then they were out for the rest of the trip. I think we all liked traveling in the evening with sleeping kids - the only problem was when we arrived in KY (or back home) after midnight, the girls woke up while being taken out of the carseats and didn't want to go back to sleep!! I don't know.......I still think it was worth it to have sleeping kiddos during the drive!

While in KY, we hung out with family.....aunt, uncle, cousins, etc. including a new addition to the family- it was great. We don't do it often enough. We visited the Louisville zoo, walked through and played in the Bernheim Forrest park, ate lunch in a neat cafe downtown - it was really great! I'll have pictures up soon.......after I weed through the 896 that I took!

Here are some other highlights, including various funny things that provided lots of laughter from our trip:

  • Olivia stood for the first time by herself!! We were playing outside in the grass and the girl were walking with our assistance and we tried standing. Olivia got her balance and she must have stood for at least 30 - 45 seconds by herself!!! It was long enough for me to snap off about 15 pictures or so!! How awesome!!
  • The girls had their first trip to the zoo. They really could have cared less about all the animals, but it was still a first! Also a first was their first ride on a carousel -- I didn't think I would be able to sit on one of the horses that went up and down, but they did, indeed, let us. I held Sofia on the horse and she loved it - she squealed louder and louder the more we went around and up and down! R sat with Carter and my mom had Olivia and she kept moving back and forth between a stationary horse and one that went up and down. When the ride was over, I had to pry Sofia's hands from the horse. Sofia, as you can imagine, was none too happy.
  • We had a great few rounds of a game called CatchPhrase - you give your team members clues to get them to say particular phrases. Always good for some great laughs. One particularly funny instance was when my cousin's wife didn't know who a particular person was. Her clue: "This is someone I don't know" and my cousin was naming off people and she says "No.....you have to think of people who I don't know!!" It was hilarious!

Carter was as cute as always and only asserted his independence a couple of minor times - haha! This kid says the funniest things:

  • "Carter - what happens when the sun goes down?" (I'm ready for something about going to bed) Says Carter, "We be groovin'!" (that's a K.Chesney song, btw)
  • From the back seat during our drive up: "Momma - 'A' is for Monkey!!" (R said she's working on that - haha!)
  • Half way in to our 8-hour drive, Carter says "Momma, I want to go home. I don't want to go to 'Tucky"
  • After seeing grandma with a big ole' bag of candy for the drive home, Carter, of course, wanted some. After realizing he wasn't going to get any, he gets quiet and then says "Momma, I'm not happy."

I know there's more but these were the ones that stuck in my mind!!

That's all for now -- I'll get pics up soon!!

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