Friday, September 4, 2009

New heights

It's not just a view from the floor anymore!! See............

(excuse the spacing....I don't know why it keeps running my paragraphs together.....)
Ah the stairs. Olivia's PT keeps telling us what a great activity the stairs are......and we know he's right........but can't she take just a little break from them? The tiniest of breaks?!?!?!?! The girls hang out in the foyer now and that's just where the stairs are. They can't quite make it up them just yet, but boy do they practice! And hey...... we get to break in the furniture in the front living room as we watch them practice!!
All is well around the house. I've enjoyed the first day of my long weekend (which I decided to extend through Tuesday....go me!). D and I headed to the outlets today to do some fall clothes shopping for the girls. Well - fall and a little for next summer......summer clothes are on clearance and you just can't beat an article of clothing for $1.40, now can you?!?! The coolest thing....if you can manage to keep up with your receipt....if you get to next summer and you've guessed the wrong size, you can return the clothes for a refund!!!! So we bought a mixture of both --- long pants and long sleeves for fall / winter and a few things for next summer.
It was easier to guess what sizes they needed in summer clothes than it was to decide what size to buy them now........... Olivia is right at the cut-off between sizes for 9mos and 12mos and we decided it was time to start buying her 12 mos and keeping Sofia at 9 mos..................but after we brought them home and tried them's looking like we should have gotten 9 mos for Olivia, too. Hey - just an excuse to go back to the outlets, right? I should have known better....the 12 mos clothes look huge!!
What else......OH! How could I forget?!?!?! Both girls are now crawling on their hands and knees!!! I think Olivia just likes to sit back and watch Sofia figure it out first and then she takes off. She was sitting in the kitchen the other day and she went from sitting to her hands and knees and then just took off crawling across the floor. D and I just looked at eachother, surprised!! They both still do the army crawling when there's something they really want to get to quickly, but for the most part, it's hands and knees all over the place! I'm going out on a limb and making an estimation that we'll be out of PT by the end of the year. We'll see, though. The PT who works with Olivia is fantastic and we've learned so much from him.
Another of Olivia's new things.........whenever I have the girls on the changing table, I always ask them "Where's your (insert body part)" - usually parts on their face - and then I point to that part on their face and then point to it with their finger. This morning, Olivia was sitting on the floor and I said "Olivia - where's your nose?" and she pointed to her nose!!!!! D and I went nuts - it was so cute. And just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, we asked her again a few minutes later and her little index finger went straight to her nose!!
She's a genious, I tell you! think I'm biased?? Nooooooooo!

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