Saturday, August 29, 2009

Splish splash we were takin' a bath.......

Snapped these pictures tonight while the girls were in the bathtub. I dropped a little too much soap in the water but the end result was quite cute.
The girls turned 15 months on the 27th and they had their 15 month check-up the day before. Olivia weighed in at a whopping 19lbs and Sofia wasn't too far behind at 17lb 14oz -- still keeping the pound difference between them. Our pediatrician said they looked great and to "keep doing what we're doing." I'm glad she doesn't come to my house to see my plants. Ahem.
Anyway! We were glad to get some affirmation that the girls looked great. I mean - we didn't expect anything different, but you know -- being the parents and all.....our kids are rockstars anyway, right?! They still seem so little to me but I know they'll eventually catch up. They're still wearing 9-month clothing although we're getting close to changing up to the next size -- which is great -- just in time for the fall / winter wardrobe.
Although I've yet to see it, apparently Sofia has started pulling up to standing. I'm not sure that D has even seen it, but Grandma definitely has. Olivia isn't too far behind either -- she can pull herself up to her knees and she's starting to reach for things above her. You can see her in the beginning stages of pulling herself to her knees in the bathtub in one of the pictures above.
So! Not too much going on. I've been working like crazy and I think this week I'll be returning to normal. But right now.......sleeeeeeeep.

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