Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lots o' steps forward......backsliding at night.

I was sitting in the family room last night and when I looked up, Olivia was pushing a toy across the room. Oh - and she was on her feet!!! It's so crazy how it happens. All of a sudden she's pulling up to standing and then before we know it, she's cruising across the family room with her toys. I guess she finally got tired of watching Sofia cruise by her. The problem is.........when she gets to standing, and after she's finished with her cruising, she's not yet quite figured out how to get back down to the floor. Well........if she stands there and cries long enough, one of us will usually help her out, although we try to let her figure it out on her own.

The backsliding comes at night. We've been so lucky with the girls sleeping at night. Last year, we brought them home from the hospital in July and about a week before I went back to work at the end of September, they started sleeping through the night. And, for the most part, we've not had any problems with the girls going to bed. Until now, that is. For a week now, Olivia has cried....and cried and get the night. I'm talking all out crying -- not the whining that you can ignore. She's even using her new-found standing skills and when I go to check on her, she's usually standing up as she's crying her eyes out.

It's so hard to let her cry it out.......and after an hour one of us usually breaks. It's so much easier said than done to let them cry it out! We're wondering if it's the whole bed thing --- as you saw in the previous post, I had to take their beds apart and send in some of the hardware in order to receive the vouchers for the new cribs. Seems like her crying at night corresponds to the change to the PnP's...........and since I've not received the vouchers yet, I'm sure it's going to be a while. Ugh! I don't think the 3 of us can take it!! I say three because Sofia usually just lays there and let's Olivia cry. Occasionally you'll hear Sofia talking to herself, but she usually entertains herself until she goes to sleep.

On Tuesday we're leaving for a trip to KY -- it'll be me and the girls, my mom, sister and Carter and D will stay behind and enjoy some much earned time alone....although I think he'll get bored pretty quickly. Unfortunately for Olivia, we're taking the PnPs for their sleeping, but hopefully we'll really wear her out during the day and she'll quickly fall asleep at night. We shall see!!

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