Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Real tummy time

Sofia has found the joys of sleeping on her tummy. Before the past few days, there was a time or two when we would check on her and she would be sleeping on her tummy. When we go to get her from her crib in the morning, most of the time now you see a little head pop up as she has rolled over to get the nearest toys in her bed -- and we figured those times she was sleeping on her tummy were because she had fallen asleep before rolling back over. Now we know it's deliberate -- I always check on them before I go to bed and the last few days she's been on her tummy. I've rolled her back to sleeping on her back (since Sofia doesn't usually nap in the afternoon, she's o.u.t - my moving her doesn't even get a reaction from her -- maybe a little stretch here and there) and then when I check on them in the morning.....you guessed it --- back on the tummy! I don't know why this makes me smile. Yes I do - just look at this sweet little face!!

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Beth said...

My "Mom #2" sent me your blog as "encouragement" as I'm entering my 8th week of bed rest, 3rd week in the hospital. Thanks for sharing your journey with the blogosphere! It does give me hope! I'm only "baking" one little one and hoping to make it to 36 weeks...which ironically will be May 27th.