Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We love hats

We had our last RSV shots today!!! I was so happy to walk out of there for the last time. The nurse started talking about what to look for to see if they qualify to receive the shots next year -- it made me cringe. I doubt we'll qualify -- don't get me wrong - I would do it for their health, but I'm keeping the glass half full that we don't have any issues that would mean they get these shots next year. We'll be keeping them out of daycare for at least one more year and we feel like that will be a good precaution. We went at an earlier time today and the girls were a little more irritable than normal after getting shots -- who can blame them - a shot in each leg for both and during nap time - ugh!! They were fine by the time we left, though. That's one more step away from our "special situation" with having preemies.

Just a few pictures of the girls in their summer hats -- I think they were a hit! Look out beach - here we come!!! We're taking our first family vacation in a little over a month from now --- we're heading to the beach just before the girls turn one. I'm so ready but a little nervous........... Anyway -- the girls are getting their wardrobe together for their first vacation (Olivia's in the white hat; in the pink - Olivia is on the left and Sofia is on the right).

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