Monday, March 23, 2009

Sofia - so serious!

Here are a few pictures of Sofia sitting solo. Both girls have been sitting very well and they actually prefer sitting up to laying down. We've had a couple of topples but they're tough little ones! That doesn't change that we now pack pillows all around now - haha.

We like to sit the girls on the blue mat surrounded by toys and watch them play. It's so much fun to watch their little personalities develop. At least for now, Sofia is coming out as the bossy little one.....and she doesn't even talk yet - ha! Does Sofia have a favorite toy, you ask? Yes! Her favorite toy is whatever Olivia has in her hand. Funny, right? It's quite funny. Today, we sat and watched as Sofia watched intently as Olivia picked up a toy......shake, shake, shake....switch hands.....shake shake shake. Then Sofia leans in for the steal - sometimes she gets it, sometimes she misses. If she misses, she watches intently again and goes for it one more time. She always ends up getting it from Olivia and she starts the same routine.....shake shake shake.....switch hands......shake shake shake. Meanwhile - Olivia has erupted into tears. I say it's quite funny......just wait until they can talk, right? We're hoping we'll be able to teach Sofia how to share before that. That'll definitely be to our benefit.
Look at her sweet little face, though! That's her serious "play face". She concentrates so hard on those toys and her bottom lip sticks out. So cute. She did have a favorite toy the other day - there's one toy that plays 5 or 6 different clips of classical music and the lights flash to the music. They've not yet figured out to press the button to start the music, but they love the music and lights. This was Sofia's toy on this one particular day and she was so protective of it. I would put the toy in the middle between both girls and press the button to play music. Sofia would put down any toy that was in her hands to reach for this toy ---- when she would get it, she would drop it in her lap and pick back up the toy she had dropped. We repeated this activity for quite a few times --- it was hilarious. She didn't have too much interest in it when the music wasn't playing. Olivia had been playing with this toy for a while and she managed to make the music start playing --- I swear that was going to be the time Sofia started to crawl - she wanted that toy so badly!!

Poor Olivia! She's going to have to learn to take up for herself!!
Until next time!

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